Stonewick Mountains

Forever shadowed by war.




There are old, worn steps carrying passageway through the rocky face. Weathered and broken, no one knows exactly who carved them here. A small village is nestled just below the stony peak, though few have made the treacherous climb successfully. Elsewhere, the sounds of hammer and steel ring out from deep within the mountains.

Notable Landmarks
  • The Shadowhaven
    A buried city, rumored to exist beneath the surface of the mountains. No outsider has yet to step foot within its reaches, but at night one can hear the mystical sounds of an ancient forge. Those who have sought to find it have never returned.
  • The Aerie Peak
    A small village, built upon the largest mountain top. It was formed by a group of dragonborn long ago, seeking to establish a community for their dragon counterparts. While safely protected by its location, it is a considerable challenge to explore.

  • Dwarves 73%
  • Dragonborn 15%
  • Tiefling 12%
    No significant population of other races.

Stonewick Mountains

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