Aldwynne Point

The city where all roads lead.

Aldwynne Point was originally established by human refugees after the fall of the Leonin Empire. The remnant desired to rebuild their homes, seeking to establish a small haven away from the monsters that roamed the continent. They traveled until they found a simple milestone erected in worship to Avandra, who looked upon the wanderers with compassion. Encouraged with their knowledge that other travelers had passed this way, the foundations of the city began to be laid.

While still a small village seeing a modest amount of trade, a few dwarves stumbled through here after the Great Burning. At first the villagers didn’t know what to expect from this solemn group of outsiders. The dwarves kept mostly to themselves, building their homes out of stones which they had scoured from the countryside. Eventually, the silence between the two races was broken and Aldwynne Point continued to flourish and grow. With the introduction of smiths of every kind, the city began to see an increase in trade with adventurers.

Eventually, the city grew and become a significant hub of activity in the region. A few elves from the neighboring forests watched from a far as the small town continued to prosper, and a party of delegates approached the town elders with trade agreements. A group of them even established homes on the outskirts of Aldwynne Point. Many years passed by as the villagers expanded their protective borders and continued to entertain travelers from across the land.

No roads are further crossed than the ones entering this bustling city. Merchants and traders alike frequent here regularly, making it the beginning step of any respectable journey. Located near the center of Morford, Aldywnne Point enjoys accessible routes to every major settlement in the region.

Notable Establishments
  • The Faithful Stride
    A roomy tavern with quite the rare feature: a bartender stronger than its drinks. A sweaty, stubbly dwarf named Dragger Stonefist runs the joint, being the only law when dealing with rowdy patrons. The brews are stiff and few customers can stomach the full menu.
  • The Aldwynne Library
    A two-story library, originally established by the former record keeper of the city. A comely eladrin named Isandora Larien takes care of books, though few spend their time within its walls (save a small cluster of magic users). Travelers seeking arcane assistance often visit here.

  • Humans 55%
  • Dwarves 21%
  • Elves 17%
  • Other 7%
    Dragonborn and Tieflings excluded.

Aldwynne Point

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