Cloths of Heaven

Chapter One
Where there's smoke...

Kroq stumbled across the city of Aldwynne Point, following rumors of increased bandits and thieves adorning the roads in Morford. Walking through its streets, the plate-wearing dragonborn received curious looks from merchants and children. They rarely saw ones with scaled skin, and the little ones followed behind him as he made his way. With a glance, they would squeal and then scatter into the tents and shops. Though once he turned back to the road, they were quick to return to their stalking play.

However, his wasn’t the only surprise for the townsfolk that day. Near the center of town, a dispute was breaking out near the local tavern. Dragger Stonefist was frustratingly dealing with a couple of helpless villagers, who were in search of adventurers. They gave warning of a band of marauding goblins with torches and fire beetles. Barely escaping with their lives, the survivors feared for the small town of Oak Bridge that lay in the direction the goblins were heading.


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